Committed to Community

With operating budgets increasingly stretched and teams expected to do more with less, many goals are looking more and more insurmountable. A big part of our mission at Hen House Media is strengthening community by using our storytelling expertise to leave an impact and enact change; from social causes to economic development.

We help communities grow,
We are a part of the solution,
Our work incites action and change!

Most organizations face challenging budgets to achieve large goals, from fundraising to raising awareness, and we answer that call through our in-kind donation program. In many cases, our non-profit partners, as well as our commercial clients, find their marketing budgets enhanced by 10%-20% in-kind match. Every few years, we donate entire campaigns, such as Camp Takumta who received a $30,000 video package at no cost to them. We put our all behind your cause and mission.

Story Told Well

It’s important for companies to rise to the challenge and help strengthen their communities in the manner that works for them. It may financial support, in-kind donation of expertise and service or time – allowing your employees to volunteer part of their work time is a fulfilling way for companies to help.

Who have we worked with?

We’ve been in business for over 15 years and have worked with non-profits in many sectors. We believe in balancing support between social causes and supporting economic development. Here’s a list of some of the organizations we’ve worked with:

  • Camp Takumta
  • Vermont Community Loan Fund
  • The Y of Burlington
  • Vermont Foodbank

We are all part of the solution in improving communities and local economies in Vermont and throughout the world. We do it in a way that touches people deeply leaving a lasting impact.

Strengthening our future through dynamic and impactful storytelling; that’s the Hen House way.