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We are a creative video agency located in Vermont, who travel the world to capture stories, engage viewers and help our clients grow.

Video & Content Production

Anyone can create content. We capture your essence and are passionate storytellers.

Marketing Strategy & Campaigns

Define your goals then reach and activate your audience.

Innovative Approach & Solutions

Creative marketing solutions, experiential as well as training of your team.


Story is at the heart of it all.

Hen House Media

Client Experience

We are only truly happy if we've helped you achieve success with the work we do together. It's about collaboration, being resourceful and embracing constant evolution.


It starts with knowing your culture, your viewers  and their habits.


We become ambassadors for your brand and culture.


Award winning production that influences and ignites viewers.

Evolve & Innovate

We embrace change and prepare for what’s next.



We work with amazing clients every day. Here's a preview of recent projects.

BioTek Instruments Think Possible

  • from: henhousemedia
BioTek Instruments is the global market leader in micro plate instrumentation. When it came time to grow as a company and expand to new markets and categories, they recognized the need for a new branding initiative. They developed the new tagline of “Think Possible”. Our mission was to create a launch pad for the campaign.The video needed to convey a sense of passion for science, of commitment to excellence, and inspired unity of mission in creating a better world. From concept and storyboard to scripting and production, BioTek Instruments trusted that Hen House would deliver exactly what was needed.
A New Look for Keurig Green Mountain

A New Look for Keurig Green Mountain

  • Location: Burlington, VT
  • Animation: After Effects

Get a Glimpse of the New Look on Keurig Green Mountain’s Website


To celebrate the tremendous success since the combination of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. and Keurig in 2006, they decided to change their company name to Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

This new identity at once celebrates both brands becoming a truly integrated company, honors their heritage and leadership in coffee and looks to a very bright and global future

Hen House Media has had the honor of working with many talented people and divisions within this organization and when the call came for us to produce a video that could capture all that they have been and all that they will be, it’s a responsibility we did not take lightly.  This animation started as an internal only piece and quickly was repurposed for an external audience.  We are proud to have been a part of this journey into a bold new look for the company.

Simon Pearce “The Human Element”

  • Camera: Leica Camera AG M8

Hen House Media is working with Simon Pearce on multiple levels.  This first video needed to capture the essence of Simon Pearce’s design philosophy to support two initiatives. The first is to compliment a holiday online campaign through social media, email blast and in-store displays.  The second goal was to have it serve as the base for what’s to come in 2013, including recruitment and training.

Keurig Green Mountain Who We Are

Keurig Green Mountain Who We Are

  • Camera: Leica Camera AG M8

See the Video on Keurig Green Mountain’s Website

Created as an internal facing manifesto video for Keurig Green Mountain to open their Annual National Sales Meeting, this piece quickly became an external video. With the new President and CEO, Brian Kelley, joining the team, this video needed to show company direction and inspire all who are a part of the story now and in the future.

We work with Keurig Green Mountain  on many fronts, for both internal and external targets. There is a level of trust between our companies and understanding their complex enterprise structure and knowing their long term goals allows us to produce work that complements and supports their initiatives.


Hen House Media Health & Science Reel

  • Camera: Leica Camera AG M8

With a diverse list of partners, from BioTek Instruments to Fletcher Allen Healthcare, as well as the Research & Development groups at Keurig Green Mountain, we have covered science, innovation and healthcare from many angles and points of view.  The work we’ve done with our clients in these arenas has been used internally and externally, for product sales, recruitment, communications and more.  We are very curious monkeys here at Hen House Media!


Science & Healthcare Portfolio

Hen House Media Footage Reel

Here’s a quick look at some of the projects we’ve worked on.  For more samples of our work click below to visit one of our Vimeo Portfolios


Visiit Vimeo Portfolio


VMSMA King Arthur Flour Cookies

For the past year we have worked with the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association, representing over 1,000 Maple Sugar producers and partners in the state of Vermont.  We produced a large set of videos as support for their new website, their social media channels and events.

As ambassadors for VMSMA, we’ve traveled the state building relationships and highlighting partnerships that are beneficial to both.  We’ve promoted restaurants, major retailers like King Arthur Flour by including them in our promotional plans.

We have a much larger plan for VMSMA, including a portal that will continue to promote and build/create relationships for the organization, as well as increase awareness and sales of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup..

Great Stories in Great Places

  • Location: Seattle
  • :


Tully’s Coffee partnered with the Pomegranate Center in Seattle to help extend a program that improves public gathering spaces in various neighborhoods.  Four projects were being created in the greater Seattle area and then, cities around the country would be chosen to receive the same.  We traveled to Seattle and produced this video for Tully’s for their Facebook campaign.  The Pomegranate Center is an inspiring group doing some amazing things and we were proud to be a part of it.

BioTek Instruments
Keurig Green Mountain
State of Vermont Agencies
Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association
  • It’s amazing how quickly you understood our complex structure and captured our essence.

  • You are always looking out for what’s on our horizon.


Plan Hatchers & Storytellers

Our team has a diverse range of creative skills and backgrounds, believe in passionate storytelling and true collaboration.


Johnny "J-Rock" Mendez

Founder & Co-owner View Details
Bryan Agran

Bryan Agran

co-owner View Details
Will Saxe

Will Saxe

Editor/Assistant Producer View Details
Ian Crane

Ian Crane

Motion Graphic Artist / Editor View Details
Ryan Malle

Ryan Malle

Shooter / Editor View Details

Johnny "J-Rock" Mendez

Founder & Co-owner

A graduate of SUNY Buffalo, Johnny has been in the industry for 20 years, from broadcast television to independent film to founding Hen House Media in 2003. In his spare time, Johnny enjoys time with his family and the art of the sandwich

Bryan Agran

Bryan Agran


From Head of Creative Services to leading sales divisions, Bryan’s diverse experience has served his clients at Hen House Media well. A true educator, Bryan has also taught as an adjunct at Champlain College for over 10 years.

Will Saxe

Will Saxe

Editor/Assistant Producer

Will is a graduate of Champlain College and was an intern at Hen House Media before joining on full time 4 years ago as Assistant Producer. He has since steadily grown as a prolific editor and continues to hone his craft daily. Will is also an up-and-coming comedian and has a passion for writing and the art of comedy. This means we get free stand-up daily.

Ian Crane

Ian Crane

Motion Graphic Artist / Editor

Ian is a graduate of Champlain and we’re proud to have him join the Hen House family. He brings with him a passion for illustration, animation and motion graphics. In his spare time, he pursues his art and is an avid sailor

Ryan Malle

Ryan Malle

Shooter / Editor

Ryan is a graduate of Champlain College and we’re proud to have him on the team. A visual storyteller, Ryan has a deep love for photography and cinematography. In his spare time, you’ll find him keeping film alive through his photographic work.


Who We Serve

We have always believed that marketing is and has always been about building relationships and making ultra personal connections

Divisions We Work With Daily

Marketing & Sales
Internal Communications
Public Relations
Continuous Learning
Research & Development
Human Resources
Operations & Manufacturing
Retail & Service
Local, National & International

Common Traits of Our Favorite Partners

Be it an internal or external audience, local, national or global, we do great work for all of our clients. We do find, however, that we execute with the absolute highest level of excellence with clients who share certain traits and beliefs.  We are attracted to companies with exceptional cultures, who value and respect their people and partners and who have passion for the work they do. If what you need is someone to just record and edit, we may or may not be the right fit. If, however, you’re looking for a creative partner who’s willing to question the status quo, challenge concepts and each other, we are the perfect fit.    


Innovative Solutions

Producing effective content takes skill & experience, but it's only one part of the equation. The interaction with that content is what will build relationships.

Passionate Storytelling

There is quite a bit to discuss to get to the best solution to meet your needs and challenges. We ask many questions. We come in with only a few questions in mind because we don’t script our meetings. The biggest number of questions comes from listening. One thing we are not afraid to do is ask questions that make a room pause and rethink whole scenarios. Sometimes, a solution needs to be simple and straightforward. Sometimes, we need to challenge everyone in the room, preconceived notions and beliefs to get to the solution that will truly further your brand

Whether it is a straight forward production for an existing campaign or developing from concept to delivery, everything we do is tailored to meet and exceed your goals. If we offered cookie cutter solutions, all we would be doing is helping you tread water.

We’ve filmed all over the U.S. and from Canada to Mexico and produced work in English, Chinese, French and Spanish to tell the right story and reach the right audience.

From infographics and animation to motion graphics and visual fx, there are times when the message doesn’t require actors or cameras.  Sometimes it requires combining motion graphics and vfx with live action. Sometimes the computer or iphone screen in the shot needs to have the screen replaced with a new image.  Whatever the case, we bring the tools and techniques needed to bear a successful outcome.  

As visual as video and film are, they would be nothing without stellar audio.  Think of how many times you may have stopped watching a video because you couldn’t hear what was being said or the music was starting to annoy you.  Audio is a huge consideration for us, from recording great audio in the field, to choosing the best voice talent to mixing and scoring to bring out all the emotion and energy to make every film and video a success.

Engage Audiences.  Build Brands.

We don’t shoot a single frame unless we fully understand the complete plan that either you have created, or that we have created together.  For any video or campaign to have a successful outcome, it can’t be a cookie cutter solution.  Every “channel” from social media to in-house digital display has a specific voice and we look to hit them all.  Our clients who utilize our “Shoot Once. Use Often.” methodology, have seen how we cover every angle to ensure we have the right conversation with viewers wherever the interaction occurs.

To get online is not just about putting your video on your website or on youtube and hoping people find it.  The technology and possibilities online are endless.  Every placement, every interaction should be well thought out and executed and we believe in healthy experimentation as part of the process.  Creative and clever are important, but it must have strong purpose and the ability to make the viewer react and convert.

The speed at which social has dominated is awe inspiring.  That once captive audience is now ready and waiting to engage with you 24 hours a day.  Let’s give them a reason to become your ambassadors and share your message.  You can design a logo or slogan, but you can’t define your own brand, only your audience can do that.  Every social channel is nuanced and you can’t use a shotgun approach to it. 

There is no denying that Mobile will be the number one tool for interaction with your audience in the very near future.  We have some exciting announcements coming soon in mobile, so stay tuned. 

From live streaming of events with real-time social media engagement, to multi-screen display technology for trade shows and conferences to motivating training sessions of your internal staff, we look at every possibility to engage your audience.